Jim is haunted by visions of his own violent death and is convinced he doesn't have long to live. He sets out on a journey to find his son, Tom, and reconcile with him, but when they finally meet, Tom rejects his father.



Jim doesn't give up and Tom is forced to realize that his father tried to stay in touch all those years. He also learns of his father's despair at not being able to prevent his mother's death even though Jim had visions that showed him exactly how she would die.


As Jim and Tom grow closer, it seems that everything might still turn out well. Maybe Jim's visions are just projections of his fears and not premonitions of something more sinister. But past events and conflicts, which Jim thought long buried, re-emerge in the form of an old friend with an axe to grind. The visions take on a new form and become more and more menacing.

Jim is terrified that Tom is in danger. Tom doesn't know whether to believe him, or whether his father is losing his grip on reality.


When Tom disappears Jim is convinced everything is playing out exactly as he foresaw. He sets out to rescue Tom. This time his search leads him to a showdown that forces him to confront his past and finally understand what his visions were trying to tell him.