"... this intriguing neo-noir film, with striking black and white cinematography set in Hamburg, Germany."

                                                           San Luis Obispo International Film Festival



"Beautifully shot in haunting black and white, Sleeping Dogs is a strong independent film from Germany."

                                                           Maine International Film Festival



"Beautifully shot in black and white with strong performances by John Kirby and Marco Mehring, this psychological thriller explores the complicated relationship of a father and son against a tension-filled background of death, loss, and a criminal past."

                                                           Arizona International Film Festival


"A father haunted by visions of his own violent death, sets out on a journey to find his son and reconcile with him...... in this beautifully written, shot thriller filled with pitch perfect performances."

                                                        Independent Filmmakers' Showcase

                                                        Los Angeles


"Sleeping Dogs is a staff pick of the week!"

                                                           Randy Ford, The Brainpan Blog



"... the expressive synthesis of screenplay, cinematography and music ... is full of life and has an evocative atmosphere that is never banal. The story and the images transport us in directions that are never predictable, and take surprising turns to show revelatory developments."

                                                           Tolentino International Film Festival


"This German feature was beautifully acted and beautifully filmed... Hans-Christoph Michel was especially convincing as a revengeful associate from Jim’s past.... For those who like mystery, and appreciate a good family reconciliation story."

                                                         Jean Jessup, Tucson Filmmakers Magazine


"Beautiful cinematography, fantastic lighting, and some of the strongest performances of the Fest."

Oklahoma City Multimedia Festival 



"This stylish German black and white drama/thrille explores a complex father/son relationship...Congratulations to Director Michael O'Connor for this superb cinematic tour de force."

Flathead Lake International Cinemafest